Our philosophy is quite simple

We just love to build, restore and sail wooden boats with their beauty, unique feel and their irresistible attraction.

We love what we do

We admit unashamedly that we don't like fibreglass and that we relish the challenge of putting wooden boats together everyday.

We specialise in restoration

Restoring wooden boats is fun, it keeps your mind occupied, and the fact that you are creating a one-off experience is hard to beat.

We live up to your expectations

True craftsmanship and eye for detail combined with experience gained over the years shines through at Classic Boats Ltd

The 'Gem Class' is a breath of fresh air

The inspiration for the 'Gem Class' came from the numerous gaff-rigged daysailers designed and built at the turn of last century.

Welcome to Classic Boats New Zealand
Builders of the Gem Class 23ft. Daysailer

For the last 20 odd years, we have primarily repaired and restored wooden boats. Something we still do with pride and joy. 2 years ago we started to put our dream into reality of building a new wooden boat. The main idea was to build a boat that has the classical looks and beauty of a bygone era.

The inspiration for the 'Gem Class' came from the numerous gaff-rigged daysailers designed and built by Nathaneal Greene Herreshoff at the turn of last century. In using his approach of manufacturing we can repeatedly build high quality boats.

Having just completed our 2nd 'Gem' we feel that we have reached one of the pinnacles of wooden boat building: 'Thight seam carvel planking in mahogany clear finished'.

Our next challenge is to create the Class of 'Gems' that eventually can have a fun racing series all over New Zealand. If you are one of the people that is as crazy about beautiful wooden boats as us, we would like to hear from you. We are very happy to accommodate your own ideas to create your own beautiful "Gem".

Gem Class 23ft Daysailer

'Jade' our first Gem Class sailing in the Bay of Islands and some details of her construction.

Our Latest Project

Complete restoration of a 1958 15ft Sea Craft Runabout.

Completed Past Projects

We have built and restored a large variety of craft over the last 20 odd years.